Sunday, January 5, 2014


Hello Readers

I last left you in San Juan, where I was vigorously debating between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. That argument has now shifted and the DR has been thrown out of contention by a surprise victor, Fort Lauderdale, FL. It entered the race with the sudden arrival of four heavyweight job interviews last December. When Ft. L was able to accumulate and add five more locations to the list, including two from its partner in Miami, it even nudged out PR as the likeliest candidate for this writer and claimed top prize.

Therefore, I have just spend a very entertaining and interesting evening with some distant relatives down here, who took me out to dinner, and now I am mentally drained and thus in perfect condition for posting a blog. This is because the airline gave me a choice between arriving very late tomorrow, less than 12 hours before Job Interview 1, or 9 hours following the specific moment of the question. I chose exhaustion today over exhaustion at JI 1.

So, I am lounging and again soaking up the wonderful feeling of being on the road. There is nothing which suits me more than travel, but this place does not yield much travel, I do not think. That is not its lure. Its lure is that I have a feeling that my talents still require some unlocking in terms of publicity, publishing, and getting high end jobs, and these positions will not only train me to do those things, they will transform me from an amateur to a professional.

And besides, some of them are wonderful positions on their own merits and I hope I can be happy with any one of them should they decide to offer me a job. I am not afraid of hard work, I am willing to take risks,and I have an eye to the future -- all key components of what these entry level manager positions are asking for. So, I am here, in the USA, working on becoming...

The Floridian Wolf