Monday, February 18, 2013


Greetings Readers:

 It has been many years since I, Lobolius, last wrote to you on these blogs. In those days, I was a teen exploring the written word in I blog I created as a bored high schooler. Over time, i ceased to write the Loboiian rant, but time changes all.

 I have now graduated from the University of South Dakota with a Bachelors degree in International Studies, I have one year of AmeriCorps service experience with the fantastic Minnesota Reading Corps, and now I am gearing up for a new adventure. Peace Corps service in the Dominican Republic!!!!

 Yep, the wolf-writer is high tailing it out of her native woodlands and embarking into a new wilderness: the wilderness of an adventure guised as hard, grueling work. I will be working with a school district and doing *something* to promote early literacy among Dominican Republic students. Exact details will be known to me once I arrive, which will be in the afternoon of March 6th.

 I am looking forward to this with an intensity I have not felt since the days right before I left Minnesota to attend college at USD, and even that pales compared with what I am about to do. I probably will not see Minnesota again for two years, and even that will only be for a quick visit before I embark on whatever job I find next. I may only see some family members once in that time. I will be living among a new host family, meeting friends with people I have never met before, learning to speak Spanish fluently, not just the choppy, rusted out Spanish I can cobble together now.

 I am not doing this because I think I am awesome or anything that grandiose. I am doing it because I feel in my heart that it is a duty and an honor to serve others, so I shall do so. If I can make a difference in a corner of the world, then I have changed a corner of the world for the better. It's hard to explain exactly, but I know this is what I want. I know it won't be easy--it sounds insanely impossible in the moments I doubt my own strength--but I know my strength is equal to this, and then some. So why should I not? It's odd reasoning, I know, but there you have it. Those are my reasons.

 Tonight, the wind is yowling outside amid the pines, and the thick snow reflects the half-moon above. Minnesota's lake country is, and always shall be, my home. But a bird must fly, and I must travel. It is my choice that my travels not only serve me, but serve others. I cannot live in a single place, from birth to death, no matter how dearly I love it, so I shall board the plane and depart southward, and let my straining wings free. Who am I to refuse the yearning of my true nature? I will update this blog as often as I can.

For copyright reasons, I am veering away from any official Peace Corps looking stuff, and the blog title is in Spanish because some fool stole from me, but the Spanish fits. I am going to be living in a Spanish country and I shall become a Spanish Wolf. Or a Dominican Wolf. Whichever I prefer to call myself.


The Dominican Wolf